More of the same is not enough because skills will be the hard facts of the future. Everyone can contribute to strategy implementation if he or she has the right know how.

Our interactive training is the basis for a sustainable learning experience. Team work, sharing of experiences, simulations, learning loops and intensive exchange with the content are crucial elements, to reach the Return on Education. We are proud of the feedback:

“The perfect division between theory and practice, expectations exceeded, content very clear and understandable, tips and tricks for application, concrete practical examples, clear presentation on flipcharts, super training, structure, trainer, great atmosphere between group and trainer, exciting simulation, great cooperation of the trainers, lively way of lecturing, continuous transfer of knowledge throughout the training, very clear structure…”


Whether intergenerational or intercultural, whether across hierarchies or locations, people who work together must overcome diverse challenges beyond the actual task at hand.

UMS ACADEMY – because it works.

Virtual coffee

Certified quality

Our trainings, events and underlying processes are subject to a continuous improvement process – TÜV-certified. This enables us to award the following certifications.

Let’s talk about Return on Education

We believe that Return on Education is a balance of different skills.

10 learning principles

We believe that learning success can be planned. Therefore all UMS trainings and workshops are structured according to the following principles.

Making people aware of the relationship to organizational capabilities
Ensure usability and benefit of individual skills
Addressing desire, ability and permission in equal measure
Enabling individual contribution to corporate success
Know what you do not know and can not do
Overcoming challenges together
Develop the ability to share knowledge with others
Constantly update and enrich knowledge and skills
Customize the time, type of medium and pace
Sustainable application of knowledge requires enthusiasm

Our trainer team

As CONSULTANTS, we develop an integrated and holistic concept for agile business management

As TRAINERS, we convey an understanding of agile values, roles and methods in a way that enables easy implementation in day-to-day work

As COACHES, we work on the agile mindset on all hierarchy levels and support agile, cross-functional project teams and are their professional sparring partner