Frequent questions




How is the content of the training structured?

Our trainings may consist of several modules and self-directed learning in the means of e-learnings and literature.

Is the completion of the e-learning a prerequisite for writing the test?

Yes, the content of the e-learnings is relevant for the exam.


What are the requirements for certification?

Depending on the training, passing the final test and, if applicable, submitting projects is a required prerequisite for the certification.

Can I participate in the training without certification?

Yes, that is possible.

How many projects do I need to submit to be certified?

This depends on your choice of training. For our Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, you need to submit 1 project or for our Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, 2 projects have to be submitted

How much time do I have until I have to submit the projects?

This depends on your choice of training. For our Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, it is 1 year after completing the test or for our Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, it’s 2 years after completing the test.

Where do I submit the projects?

Submit projects at

Do I have to have a project by the time I attend the training?

Ideally, you should have a project or a rough idea of it before the start of the first module. That way, you can relate the theoretical content directly to it.


When does the test take place, do I do it alone at home or is it part of the training?

The test will be written on the last day of the last module. In a face-to-face training, you will take the test together with other participants. In the case of an online training, the exam will take place online as well. You will receive instructions from your trainer on this.

What topics are important for the test?

All topics discussed in the training are relevant for the exam. Attentive participation in the training will prepare you perfectly for the test.


When are the start, end and break times of the trainings?

You will receive all relevant organizational documents approximately 4 weeks before the training. Usually the training starts at 10 am on the first day and ends at 4 pm on the last day of the last module. The break times as well as all further start and end times are determined individually in the training.

Is parking available on site?

That depends on the venue. Parking spaces are available at our seminar hotel “Hotel Lamm”.

Are there any materials to support this training?

Of course, material will be provided for you. This will be either given out on the first day of the training or sent out to your desired address in advance.


Can I apply for educational leave for the training and have it credited?

No, our trainings are not eligible for educational leave.

Do I need to have already completed other training?

That depends on your choice of training.

Can a grant be applied for for the training (employment office)?

No, our trainings are not eligible for funding.