OKR Practitioner

How to create added value through the application of OKR​
  • Apply the OKR methodology in a structured way
  • How my role as OKR Practitioner can contribute to the introduction/implementation of the OKR Methodology
  • How I can use the OKR methodology for my area of practice


Plus 19% MwSt.
  • 1 day
  • 0 dates
  • virtual

Your Return on Education

  • Apply OKR methodology in a structured way

  • Expanding my role as an OKR Practitioner

  • Managing the OKR methodology for my business area

  • Contribute to the introduction/implementation of the OKR methodology

Components of the training

  • Introductionto OKR: principles, differences and similarities to other management approaches
  • The main elements of the OKR methodology
  • The OKR process in detail
  • Criteria for good OKRs
  • Practical examples
  • My role as OKR Practitioner
  • Individual coaching to support the application of OKR in one’s own field

Service package

1 day of training and 1 hour of coaching with:

  • Memo: Criteria for good and bad OKR setswithexamples
  • Memot: detailed OKR process
  • Memot: How do I successfully implement OKR? Tips and tricks for application
  • Material to introduce the OKR methodology in your own company
  • Individual roadmap describing your own next steps as an OKR Practitioner
  • Letter of recommendation after successful participation


  • No requirements necessary

Certification criteria

  • Training participation
  • Passed final test


  • UMS certificate and digital badge

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