Lego Process Facilitator

How to think with your hands
  • The theoretical and practical basics to be able to plan and conduct LEGO® process workshops
  • How to identify suitable topics in your company that can leverage the LEGO® methodology
  • The possibilities and limits of the application of LEGO® process facilitation in the (innovative / creative) area of your company


Plus 19% MwSt.
  • 2 days
  • on site

06.12.2022 – 07.12.2022

Your Return on Education

  • Getting involved with new things – being creative

  • Active application and use of the LSP method

  • Over 10 years of certified trainer experience

  • Boost innovation and creativity

Components of the training

  • Leading workshop participants to new insights and results with an unusual method
  • Linking haptics, visualization and business logic with each other
  • Understanding the role of a Lego® process facilitator and be able to prepare and conduct Lego® workshops in a structured way
  • Enhancing moderation skills in order to develop oneself further
  • Learning how to utilize the potential of the Lego® methodology to conduct effective workshops
  • Understanding how to inspire even the most skeptical participants with Lego®
  • Exchanging of experiences in order to be able to learn from professionals
  • Having fun while learning and applying

Service package

2 days Lego Process Facilitator Training

  • Exchange of experiences with experienced Lego® Serious Play trainers
  • Learn from and with like minded participants
  • The language of instruction is German


  • Basically none, experience as a project manager and a moderator is desirable

Certification criteria

  • Training participation
  • Participants should enjoy creative facilitation techniques while planning, thinking, acting and facilitating in a process-oriented manner


  • UMS Certificate of participation
  • UMS Lego Prozessmoderator Badge

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