Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

How to become a certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt expert and achieve the following results for yourself:
  • Optimize complex processes in a structured way
  • Discuss content, rather than procedures, with my client
  • Create and implement measurable project results
  • Personal and professional development for yourself
  • Enjoy a best-in-class training


Plus 19% MwSt.
  • 25 days
  • 0 dates
  • Onsite

M1: 27.03.2023 – 30.03.2023
M2: 24.04.2023 – 27.04.2023
M3: 08.05.2023 – 11.05.2023
M4: 22.05.2023 – 25.05.2023
M5: 26.06.2023 – 29.06.2023

M1: 25.09.2023 – 28.09.2023
M2: 16.10.2023 – 19.10.2023
M3: 06.11.2023 – 09.09.2023
M4: 04.12.2023 – 07.12.2023
M5: 15.01.2024 – 18.01.2024

Your Return on Education

  • Become an expert in process improvement and implementation

  • Generate concrete results sustainably

  • Benefit from the knowledge and experience of consultants

  • Create value that will sustainably benefit the organization

Components of the training

  • Goal-oriented management of project teams and projects
  • Project Management
  • Looking at relevant projects that contribute to the implementation of the company’s strategy
  • Becoming an expert in process improvement and implementation
  • Learning to motivate and lead the team to success
  • Benefit from the knowledge and experience of consultants and other aspiring Black Belts who apply Six Sigma in the field​
  • Learn additional tools from Six Sigma, Lean and Change Management and be able to use them in a targeted manner
  • Experience the practical added value of statistics
  • Experience the feeling of being a certified Black Belt​​

Service package

25 days of Lean Six Sigma training with:

  • Starter kit with templates for the individual project
  • E-learnings in the personal UMS Academy Workspace (LMS)*
  • Black Belt folder, MTB folder, CIT folder (available digitally or printed**)
  • Six Sigma + Lean Toolset
  • Moderation material**
  • Training documentation of the modules in the personal UMS Academy Workspace (LMS)*
  • UMS final test
  • Workbook for project work and project documentation (PPT)*
  • The language of instruction is German​​
All contents of the UMS Academy Workspace are available until 1 year after passing the final test.
** Shipping is to a defined postal address.

Discover your career path


  • Bringing two optimization projects to the training on which I can try out and apply what I have learned
  • Exposure to the training content and methodology outside of the training session

Certification criteria

  • Training participation/E-Learnings
  • Passed final test
  • Two successfully implemented projects (standard documentation) within two years of passing the Final test

Certificate Black Belt

  • UMS with project application, certificate and digital badge
  • DGQ with project application and certificate 

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