“Your first and foremost job as a leader is to take charge of your own energy and then help to orchestrate the energy of those around you.”


― Peter F. Drucker

Adaptive leadership promotes excellent collaboration as an organizational capability that you can develop

Leading yourself releases individual strengths, knowledge and skills in the team. Motivation, commitment and energy are the result. That is because good leadership creates a good system, which achieves more than the sum of its components.

Collaboration – what is it actually?
Collaboration describes a situation in which two or more people interact to create something or achieve a common goal.

Encourage collaboration – who needs it?
If you agree with several of the following statements, then well-organized collaboration is in focus for your organization.

In my company…
… there is a lot of heterogeneous knowledge available.
… we often have to solve complex problems.
… there is a lack of attractive jobs for experts.
… specialists identify little with the end product.

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In the following areas you can learn leadership

Lean Enterprise

  • Create awareness of continuous improvement and understanding of how Lean assists in leading to achieving goals
  • How Lean tools, by expanding from toolset to mindset, enable the role as a Lean leader

Business Excellence

  • Sharpen and operationalize strategies while identifying appropriate measures and enabling their implementation
  • Develop organizational capabilities and engage employees in change while actively supporting them in performance management


  • Successfully empower employees through focused implementation and communication to achieve strategic objectives
  • Develop leaders who can motivate and convince employees authentically


  • Actively help to shape and encourage digitalization in the company
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Transactional leadership is no longer enough in a volatile world

Adaptive leadership is crucial to sustain modern organizations. This requires building an understanding of the different leadership models and agile leadership while learning self-leadership and management in order to lead others. To do this successfully, it is important to recognize competencies and roles of the team and to be able to delegate tasks in a targeted manner.

The learned capability is sustainable, comparable and verifiable on all levels through recognized certification

The objective of UMS ACADEMY is to train participants to perform all tasks and measures assigned to them in a goal and performance oriented way. Participants of a leadership training who fulfill all requirements can acquire a UMS badge/certificate.

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“Constructive, usage of examples, positive mindset, time management, interactivity, excellent training. I learned a lot about myself and my way of leadership which has had a positive impact on me and my team.”

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Lean Leadership – First the facts, then the data

Sustainable change rarely fails as a result of inadequate planning or the quality of the change measures. Sustainable change more likely fails because of the will, ability and permission of those who are supposed to behave or work differently. Moreover, they often fail because of the dynamics of the environment, which can make continuous adaptation necessary. In this respect, success factors of a change are also the continuous recognition, understanding and adaptation. A few thoughts on this in the following.



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