Holistic project management ensures project success

The benefits of holistic project management become clear from a variety of indicators:

  • Uniform criteria form the basis for transparent decisions
  • An easily communicable phase model supports the sustainability of project results
  • Clear roles and responsibilities create a sense of team ownership and acceptance
  • Successful empowerment of employees ensures sustainable success in the implementation process

Implement actions is an organizational capability that you can develop to make your projects a success

This means that things are done “On Time, On Budget and On Specification” (OTOBOS), because only an implemented measure is a good measure. Plans and intentions alone are like tigers without teeth.

Measures – what are they actually?

An action that is intended to achieve a specific goal or cause a specific consequence.

Implementing measures – who needs them?
If you agree with several of the following statements, it is highly relevant for your company to get the vehicle rolling.

In my company…
… we start many projects, but do not finish them.
… concepts remain unused in the drawer.
… the contribution of individual activities to the achievement of objectives is unknown.
… employees show no interest in working on projects.

The learned capability is sustainable, comparable and verifiable on all levels through recognized certification

The objective of UMS ACADEMY is to enable participants to perform all tasks and measures assigned to them in a goal and success-oriented manner. Participants of a training who fulfill all requirements can acquire a UMS certificate.


“During the training, I gained a completely new understanding of project management and I can now use the tools in a much more targeted way. My last project was a complete success and ran in a much more structured way.”

How to recognize the differences between classic and agile project management

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